Malle Hugo : vermaningen en beschouwingen

Malle Hugo : vermaningen en beschouwingen

Malle Hugo : vermaningen en beschouwingen
Willem Frederik Hermans
Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij, 1994
328 p. : ill.
90-234-3404-8 90-234-6179-7

About Willem Frederik Hermans

CC BY-SA 2.0 - Image by Piet Schreuders

Willem Frederik Hermans (1 September 1921 – 27 April 1995) was a Dutch author of poetry, novels, short stories, plays, as well as booklength studies, essays, and literary criticism. His most famous works are The House of Refuge (novella, 1952), The Darkroom of Damocles (novel, 1958), and Beyond Sleep (novel, 1966).

After World War II, Hermans tried to live off his writing exclusively, but as his country was just recovering from the Occupation, he had no opportunity to sustain himself. He published three important collections of short stories from 1948 to 1957, chief among them the novella The House of Refuge (1952), and in 1958 became lecturer in physical geography at Groningen University, a position he retained until his move to Paris, France, in 1973. The same year 1958 he broke to a wide audience with The Darkroom of Damocles. In the seventies Hermans played an important role in the unmasking of Fried…Read more on Wikipedia